Open Positions for DASWIG as of Sept & Nov 2016

Arizona DA Intergroup Service Positions

OPEN Starting September 2016

Acting Chair
Prepares an agenda for and presides at each DASWIG meeting; is familiar with the bylaws and the basic procedures of Robert’s Rules of Order, is a signatory of all DASWIG bank accounts, has access to the DASWIG’s on line bank reports, and is the designated person to perform any bank transactions needed by the Intergroup in case of the absence or illness of the Treasurer; signs contracts on behalf of the DASWIG; updates DASWIG’s registration with the D.A. General Service Office as needed; and is responsible for discerning, with the guidance of D.A.’s spiritual principles and with the help of other D.A. members, when to act with the chair’s authority and when to call an Intergroup meeting to consider a situation.

Vice Chair
Prepares agendas and presides at DASWIG meetings in the absence of the Chair; signatory on all DASWIG bank accounts and helps the Treasurer, if needed, in the absence of the chairperson; may sign contracts for the DASWIG if the chairperson is unavailable or if two signatures are required; is familiar with the bylaws and the basic procedures of Robert’s Rules of Order and is responsible for answering any bylaws questions that are asked in Intergroup meetings; and serves as the chairperson of the Bylaws Committee.

Prepares minutes of each DASWIG meeting, and sends them to all Intergroup members before the next meeting; keeps a current list of the D.A. groups that meet within DASWIG’s Region; keeps a list of the current contact information for all DASWIG members; and when new officers and committee chairpersons are elected, the secretary gives them each a copy of the bylaws.

Intergroup Service Representative (ISR)
Represents our Region to the World Service Conference; ​ a three year term; attends the DA World Service Conference and serves on a Conference committee for a full year, until the next conference; gives a report on the Conference to the DASWIG and to any individual D.A. group that requests one; between conferences, the ISR acts as a conduit of information between DASWIG and the D.A. General Service Board and WSC committees; and creates a spending plan for each conference that is to be approved by DASWIG

Public Information Committee Chair
Answers all inquiries from media, professionals, institutions, and the general public in our area; must know and understand the D.A. Traditions; contacts the GSO in Needham, MA, with all matters pertaining to public information that may have an impact on a national level; and notifies DASWIG of any public information changes by the DA Board or WSC Committees.

OPEN Starting November 2016

Is responsible for receiving all money donated to DASWIG, giving receipts to D.A. groups and individual donors when needed, and paying all DASWIG expenses; signatory on all DASWIG financial accounts and is responsible for reconciling all bank statements and other bank transactions; puts together an annual spending plan with a committee; and reports Intergroup income and spending at each DASWIG meeting and at the end of each fiscal year.

For more information on doing Intergroup service for DASWIG
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