Need Help with Debt?

Do you go shopping for one shirt and come home with a suit, six shirts, and a couple of ties? Are you taking cash advances on some credit cards to pay other credit cards – and the rent? Is the IRS threatening action against your company unless you pay your taxes? Have your parents turned down your latest plea for a loan?

If you can’t figure a way out of your money problems, we understand. We couldn’t either, until we tried Debtors Anonymous. At DA meetings, we help each other by sharing our experiences and encouraging one another. We have no dues or fees. There are no tests to qualify for membership. We welcome all who are hurting from debting and want to stop.

If you’re not sure if you have a problem, why don’t you read Are You a Debtor and Signs of a Compulsive Debtor. We give an introduction to DA in How to Begin, and our Meeting List shows where you can find us in Arizona. If your business is in trouble, Business Debtors Anonymous may be helpful. Some of our members talk about their DA experiences in a radio show you can listen to at Our Stories.

We invite you to give us a try – and keep coming back!

DA brought sanity to an insane situation. The life I had before DA was not worth living. The life I have today is beyond my wildest dreams.

— Anonymous
I don’t have to live in deprivation any more. I pinched every penny and still wondered where my money went.

— Anonymous
I’ve heard that everyone has a childhood experience that defines their relationship with money. Mine was tied to an abuser who slipped me dollar bills and told me I was ‘special.’ Before DA, I didn’t want to think about money. I couldn’t look at my bank balance or watch a TV show about finances. Today, in DA, I’m learning that money is just money. It’s not a symbol of difficult things. I can have a day-to-day relationship with money.

— Anonymous