How to Begin

First, try us out!  Find a meeting on our meeting list and visit.  If you have trouble with the directions, leave a message on our voicemail line at 602-234-6566, and someone will call you back.

At the meeting, DA members will be happy to see you, and we hope you will feel comfortable.  DA meetings have some guidelines so everyone can feel safe and free to talk, even about uncomfortable money topics.

  • We respect each other by using the principles of anonymity and confidentiality.  We identify ourselves by first names only so we can focus on what is being said instead of who is saying it.
  • We do not repeat what is said by others during meetings or in private conversations between members.
  • We also keep in mind that there is enough time for everyone.  If time runs out and some of us can’t share during a meeting, we can speak with other members after the meeting or call someone on the phone later.

If it is not possible for you to physically attend a meeting, try our phone and Internet meetings.  Our international office has instructions for these meetings at

Next, read DA literature.  Our book, Currency of Hope, explains our program and tells the stories of many of our members.  We also have many pamphlets that deal with specific DA topics.  Most meetings have DA literature for sale.  It is also available from our international office. An order form is available at

Finally, keep coming back! Debtors Anonymous is helping thousands of people around the world, and we know it can work for you.

I was so nervous at my first meeting that I didn’t say anything except my name. I did come back, though. I was so happy to find a place where I could talk about money and the people didn’t try to fix me or tell me what I had done wrong.

— Anonymous