Debtors Anonymous Southwest Intergroup (DASWIG)

Who are We?

The Debtors Anonymous Southwest Intergroup (DASWIG) is a service arm of the DA groups in Arizona.  DA and BDA members have found ways out of the pain and confusion caused by debting by participating in the Debtors Anonymous program.  We want to tell others who are experiencing the same problems that there is a solution.  The Southwest DA Intergroup combines the resources of the individual groups to carry out projects that would be difficult for a single group to achieve.

How does Intergroup work?

Each group elects a representative to participate in Intergroup meetings.  The Intergroup representatives decide what projects they want to try, form committees of DA volunteers to do the projects, and report the results back to the groups.

How do we help individuals?


  • Keep and distribute up-to-date information on meeting times and locations,
  • Staff a voice-message line in the Phoenix area to give out meeting information and to answer questions,
  • Organize and sponsor workshops and other special events for DA members,
  • Create and maintain this web site for the public and for DA members.

How do we help groups?


  • Encourage the formation of new groups by giving out information and DA literature,
  • Give information to members of the media and counselors, educators, and other helping professionals who wish to learn about DA,
  • Pass along information about individual-group activities to other groups in the state.

What do we get out of it?

Intergroup activities are more than just meetings.  They are chances to have fun with other DA members, to visualize exciting projects and make them happen, and to see ourselves grow as we work together.

The Intergroup is the collective voice of all the DA groups in Arizona.  It gives each group’s mission to carry the message a broader channel of communication to reach those who are still hurting.  Finding service opportunities at the Intergroup level doesn’t necessarily mean coming to an Intergroup meeting.  It means volunteering for the phone line, helping set up the web site, or conducting a workshop.  These activities are the vision that the Intergroup has for Southwest DA.  I love being a part of its growth.

— Anonymous

The Intergroup's mailing address:

PO Box 54056
Phoenix, AZ 85078